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Best. Field. Trip. Ever.

Well I pretty much had the best day of my life at Jizzney Disney Studios yesterday. I thought last year’s was good with it’s highlight of seeing Eric Goldberg, but oh, it was a trillion times better this time since we got him and so much more.

The first panel of the day was our surprise guests, John Musker and Ron Clements and already it was better than last year from this alone. We were expecting to see some things from Princess and the Frog, maybe some rough line tests or stills, but oh man they showed us a song sequence with parts ranging from storyboards to full color. I thought today wasn’t going to get any better after this.

But I was oh so very wrong. Last year the tour was just around the studio across the animation one but we got to go inside this time. There was so much Princess and the Frog stuff up as well as some Rapunzel like concept art, storyboards, character designs, just GAH. And the PatF section was all decorated like New Orleans so I’m betting NOS at Dland will be getting a PatF theme when the movie is out. But it was just amazing to be on the same floor where they are physically making this movie. Andrew said he saw Andreas Deja walk by, and then we were passing a balcony and so Eric Goldberg chatting to someone out there. It was just… incredible. That is until John Musker was coming down the stairs and the two girls in front of me stopped to shake his hand and I completely froze instead of getting my hand in so I’m kicking myself so hard. Our Q&A person’s mind slips me for the moment but he did some clean-up keys for characters like Rafiki and Quasimodo, but he says PatF is the best film he’s worked on so hopes are high.

I tried to get a portfolio review but I get stuck with the person who has a DVD player and not a computer so my data CD was no good. She gave me some good advice so it wasn’t a total lost.

Finally, the last highlight was the Deja/Goldberg panel just because it’s them and Tiffany and I made sure to get front row/center seats for this. And then Aubry embarrassed us by asking in front of them why his students weren’t jumping up and down asking questions and if he called out our names I’d never forgive him. Apparently he’s on first name basis with them, and John and Ron as well so that’s a plus for us then.

After all this fun, Aubry cornered us into going out to dinner at Fuddruckers and then over to Woodbury to watch a screening of animated short films. I’m actually glad I stuck around for it (not that I had a choice, really) but now I’m even more behind on rendering since I didn’t get to it last night.

So I’ve got our special studies meeting today and I hope Aubry isn’t too hard on us since we were out. Unfortunately, I think the production management panel yesterday is just going to inspire him to push us more on deadlines so my life might even get more hectic, if that is even possible.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I think I cried when I saw someone had this on their office door in the animation building. So much win.

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